Love Marriage Problem Solution

love marriage problem solution astrologer

Love Marriage Problem Solution

Marriage is a once in a life time concern for most of us. And as far as love marriage is concerned, it is a very personal as well as a familiar matter in a combined way. People usually do not believe much in astrology or horoscope match-making once they fall in love. But then there come family rituals and the culture to follow, which includes horoscope match and astrological consideration in many religions.

love marriage astrology, people seek love marriage problem solutions like ‘Mangal dosha’ remedy, ‘Bhakoot dosh’ remedy, etc. As these problems are very significantly important because the consequences are not visible right in front of you. These problems are long lasting and might result chaotic or harmful for any love-based relationship.

Pandit Akshay Sharma is a renowned astrologer and is known to provide some effective love marriage problem solutions. He is adept in astrology science and has been through many such love marriage cases with enough problematic cases and yet managed to give them an auspicious life with his proven love marriage problem solutions.

There are not just familiar problems in against of love marriages. Job related issues, caste-based problems and many other are also nothing but an obstacle for a love marriage. Sometimes the family doesn’t support with the occupations of your loved one, sometimes it is about the caste that they don’t think they should marry you with. And there are many such issues like society, etc. that becomes an undesired obstacle without an invitation.

Pandit Akshay Sharma is one of the most experienced astrologers with such cases of love marriage and has managed to sustain many such relations with his love marriage problem solutions even after having multiple obstacles together.

What are Mangal dosh & Bhakoot dosh?

Mangal dosh is considered when the position of MARS is either on the first i.e. ascendant, fourth, seventh, eights, or at the twelfth house in your Lagna chart. However, in accordance with the South Indian pattern of astrology, when the Mars is positioned either along with the MOON, or is in 4th, 7th, 8th, & 12th position with respect to the Moon, it is also considered to be a case of Mangal dosh.

In this case, the partner also has to be likely to partner. For example, either both should be Manglik or possess with Mangal dosh, or both should be free from the same.

‘Bhakoot dosh’ on the other end, is an aspect considered when there is less than a half of points supposed ideal for the same meanwhile the match making. It possesses 7 points out of 36 in general. And when the match making is done, we call it a BHAKOOT DOSH when it acquires 3 or less than that. This dosh is concerned about the probability and ease of producing the next generation, which is a very crucial aspect for any family or newly married couple either be it a love marriage or an arrange marriage case.

Why Mangal dosh is considered inauspicious?

Actually, it is not right to say that a person possessing Mangal dosh, is an inauspicious one, and the one who doesn’t possess the same is auspicious. Mangal dosh is just a situation which requires to be matched with a likewise person who possesses the similar situation. However, declaring one as inauspicious is inappropriate as most of the MANGLIK personalities are found to be very noticeable and with an impressive intelligence quotient.

The only reason why MARS is considered as an inauspicious planet is because, in astrology, MARS is suggested as a violent planet which is very fond of red colour, and that somehow resembles for blood. According to some of the ancient astrological texts like Bhrigu samhita, a Manglik person is comparatively more aggressive or violent than the one with no Mangal dosh. And thus, it is suggested to match such a person with a person likewise to the earlier one for better results and a dominance free relationship.

There are some love marriage problem solutions that can be suggested by Pandit Akshay Sharma. You just have to bring your basic details to him like date of birth, place of birth, and the time of birth. Also, the same details would be required for your partner as well for better understanding of love marriage problem solutions.

Love marriage astrology

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