Love Marriage Problem Solution In Punjab

Marriage is a stage of life in which you make a permanent relationship with you partner. From this stage both partner makes life long bond and promises to stay together. Some recent studies show that in this modern lifestyle the percentage of love marriage is increasing. Love marriage is type of marriage in which you marry a partner whom you love. This marriage is considered as best choice because both partners know each other very well. But nowadays we can see that many problems are occurring in marriage life of these people because of lifestyle, society, economic condition and many more. So here let’s see some love marriage problems and their solution in Punjab. There are two types of problem one is pre loved marriage and post love marriage problem we are going to discuss.

Partner is not agreed for the love marriage

This is pre loved marriage problem. When you love your partner very much and want to live your life with him, sometime partner is not agreed. Reason for this maybe your partner is not ready for marriage or you partner doesn’t see future with you and some other problems. In this case you should talk to your partner, convince him and you can also consult an astrologer so you can get better advice. In Punjab you can contact many astrologer online or offline to solve your problem.

Parents refuses for the love marriage

This is one of the major love marriage problems we can find in Punjab. Punjab is state in which majority of people don’t believe in love marriage. So many couples face this problem. As solution you can convince your family. Agree both the families to meet and talk together. You can also meet astrologer to find a solution for your problem.

Love Fades day by day

This pre loved marriage problem is very usual. Trust is base of any relationship. In Punjab you can find many couples who love each other so much in starting of their life, but after some time their love fades day by day. This problem usually occurs when you trust on your partner becomes low. In this case try to talk your partner, share your problem with your partner. You can also contact an astrologer to take tips on this problem.

Extramarital affair

One of the major problem which occurs in life of couple after love marriage. Extramarital affairs mean any person starts loving any other person rather than his or her partner. Causes of this problem may be married to wrong reasons, physical dissatisfaction, emotional disconnect, personal finance and many more. In state like Punjab you can see many people are suffering from this problem. If you are also suffering from this problem then no needs to worry. As a solution you can talk to you partner. Ask them the reason behind the situation. And in Punjab there are many astrologers who can help you to solve this problem.


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